About Ogaki International Exchange Association
Ogaki International Exchange Association (OIEA) was established in September, 1988, to promote and support muticultural communities in Ogaki City and its region. OIEA works for the goal mainly through, 1) developping relationships with Ogaki Friendly Cities, 2) organizing multicultural activities for locals, 3) providing Japanese Language learning programs. OIEA became a public interest corporation as of the 1st of April 2012.

Activities in Ogaki International Exchange Association
●Should you have any inquiries, please contact us: oiea@mb.ginet.or.jp
1.  Programs for foreign residents
*Japanese Language Class for basics
Cluster style Japanese Language classes for starters and post starters. Level 1 class is desigend for starters and begginers. Level 2 class is mostly for learners who finished Level 1 or equivalent.
Classes are three month courses. Course fee required. Periods of enrollment to be announced. First come, first served.
*One-on-One Japanese Language Lesson program
Our volunteer members individually help them learn and practice Japanese Language skills. It is rahter suitable for learners who seek to improve conversational skills.
Call us / drop in if you would like to learn Japanese with us. Quarterly fee is \1,000.
*Consultation Services for foreign residents
Consultation in Portuguese  on Monday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday and Sunday
English and Chinese available.
*Free consultation services on administrative procedures and legal issues/disputes
If you have difficulties with administrative paperworks or seek assistance to settle leagal issues, administrative procedure specialists/lawyers are available once a month for consultations with a wide range of subjects. Some restrictions are applied for the leagal consultation.
*Japanese traditional clothes "Kimonos" try-on
Foreign residents can put on Kimonos with the help of OIEA volunteer members
      10:00-12:00 every other Sunday
*Day visits to Japanese families
One day visit to our volunteer members at their house.
*Participation in Jumangoku Festival
Experience of a local festival carrying portable shrines on their shoulders'.
*"Voice of Foreign residents/Multicultural workshops"
Foreign residents give presentations/workshops to promote understandings of multiculturalism amongst local people.
*We have more booklets with other information as follows:
- Handbills on how to separate rubbish and how to take it out (Portuguese, Chinese, English)
- Guidebooks for how to live in this area (Portuguese, Chinese, English)
- Ogaki City Maps of Designated Refuge Sites (Portuguese, Chinese, English, Korean alphabet)
- Guidebooks and maps for living in the Nishi-Mino area (Chinese, English, other)
2.  Oversea Friendly cities
We have been maintaining friendly exchanges with 7 oversea cities. We call them "Ogaki Friendly Cities"
The Friendly Cities are:
- Chang Won, South Gyeongsang, Korea
- Glen Eira, Victoria, Australia
- Handan, Hebei, China
- Namur, Namur, Belgium
- Stuttgart, Barden-Wurttemberg, Germany
- Beaverton, Oregon, USA
- Eugene, Oregon, USA
*Sending Student Delegation groups
We send youth delegation groups to the friendly cities.
The friendly cities that we send delegation groups to
・Glen Eira, Australia
・Handan, China
・Namur, Belgium
・Stuttgart, Germany
・Beaverton and Eugene, USA
*Receive delegation groups from the friendly cities
We receive student groups from the friendly cities. The members of the groups will engage in local programs including school visits, cultural try-outs and homestays.
The friendly cities that we receive delegation groups from
・Handan, China
・Namur, Belgium
・Stuttgart, Germany
3.  Offering multicultural workshops to Japanese people
4.  Foreign language classes
Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, English, German, and French
5.  Publication, "FRIENDLY".
"FRIENDLY", an OIEA's magazine, is published twice a year.
It is available at OIEA as well as on our website.
6.  Ogaki International Exchange Association
2F, Suitopia Centre
5-51 Murohonmachi, Ogaki-City, Gifu-Prefecture, 503-0911
* How to get to the OIEA
-15 minute walk from JR Ogaki station.
-5 minute walk from Yoro Railway Muro station
-20 minute car ride from Ogaki IC on Meishin Highway
Phone Number: 0584-82-2311
Facsimile Number: 0584-82-2314
Email: oiea@mb.ginet.or.jp
Working hours: 8:30- 17:15
Closed: Every Tuesday, days following National holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays

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