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If you have simptoms of Covid 19, typically headache/coughs/sore throat, and you want to see your family physician, please make a phone call BEFORE your visit. When your physician is not available, please call 052-272-8860 (Jushin-Soudan Center). Available for 24hours a day.

急患医療センター(きゅうかん いりょう せんたー) 内科(ないか)・小児科(しょうにか)
0584-73-9090 予約(よやく)が、必要(ひつよう)です。
場所(ばしょ):https:// goo.gl/ maps/ YoonZMAnnAUY55oCA
If you need to consult a physician or a pediatric physician for a sudden illness during holidays, please make a reservation for your appointment at 0584-73-9090 (Ogaki Kyukan Iryou Center). Service hours: 8:45 AM 〜 4:30 PM.
Map: https:// goo.gl/ maps/ YoonZMAnnAUY55oCA

大垣市民病院(おおがき しみん びょういん)に、電話(でんわ)しましょう。0584-81-3341
ばしょMap: https:// goo.gl/ maps/ 6JRGuJDHriwDqACZ7
If you get sudden illness or injuries during the night time (after 4:30 PM), please call 0584-81-3341.

★いますぐ、病院(びよういん)!救急車(きゅうきゅうしゃ)! 火事(かじ)
Emergency for Ambulance or Fire Rescue
あなたの、すんでいるところ/いま、あなたが、いるところ、を、いいます。(Tell them your name and your residential address/where you are currently at. No fee is required for an ambulance and firefighting services.)

☆Police ⇒ CALL:110

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